VR Flight Test

Now, I'm not saying I'll definitely be adding VR options to Abholos as I'm not sure I can currently see a way to make my vision for the game fully work with that control scheme, but after this bit of experimentation I'm sorely tempted to try.

I set about partially just experimenting with some VR development and, more specifically, exploring ways to make use of the technology without it just being you plonked in the game world. Don't get me wrong, the added depth perception and immersion is pretty darn cool anyway, but I think that, if I'm going to make use of VR, I'd want to fully commit to making the most of it .

To that end, I set about putting together a quick spaceship prototype (some art assets courtesy of Forge 3d) with a "physical" control scheme. To control your speed you grab the virtual throttle and push it forwards. To control your direction you grab the virtual joystick and pull it side to side, or up and down. To throw yourself spinning helplessly through space you reach down and pull the virtual ejector seat lever...

It is a very basic prototype at this stage, but it is already quite a lot of fun and very immersive. I've started tuning the controls a little more and working on some AI ships for a dogfight so watch this space. If I can find a way to make Abholos work with VR then I may well go down that route or, failing that, spin this off into its own side project.

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