Dev Log #1 - Procedural Ships

Though "Abholos" has been in and out of design and prototype phase for several years, I'm beginning to undertake work on my refined vision for it. For this first dev log, I have been working on procedural generation of spaceships.

For the moment, I have hand-designed some exteriors and then allowed my procedure to generate an interior in the form of a maze of rooms, all of which are guaranteed to be reachable, and some of which are multi-storey in themselves (walkways etc.), connected by sections designated as doors, stairways, or elevators. This is already coming together really nicely with some of the layouts it creates making me quite excited to get to explore them.

The next stage will be to have the procedure select some of the rooms that have been generated and convert them into corridors, or extended stairways/elevators, to create a more interesting and believable interiors.

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