Version 0.3 available

Here's a brief summary of what I got through today and is now available in version 0.3 for both WebGL and Windows download:

  • Squashed a bunch of annoying bugs.
  • Improved custom UI shader visual quality.
  • Pause menu now different from main menu to offer "continue" and "back to menu" options.
  • New "announcement" system for displaying in-game messages.
  • When a round ends the fighters will now reset ready for the next fight.
  • When a fighter is defeated, a message an announcement appears to indicate the winner and a dot appear under the winner's health bar to indicate the running tally of rounds. Once a fighter has won the target number of rounds (currently 2) the announcement states that they have won the "match" rather than the "round" and the game then goes back to the main menu.

I think that's most of it anyway. Enjoy!

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Mar 08, 2018 Play in browser
Mar 08, 2018

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