Version 0.4 available

Today's updates include:

  • More bugs squished
  • Options screen now functional allowing for selection of the number of rounds required to win a fight as well as the choice of singleplayer or...
  • ...local multiplayer (requires two game pads and only player one can currently navigate the menus so this is likely to receive additional effort, but it's there and it works!)
  • Stats screen implemented and stats persisted for when you next play the  game
  • Control hints added to the menu screens and a new screen added to the menu allowing users to see the in-game controls
  • Damage calculation changed to based off both the location hit (head vs body) as well as the velocity of the impact. This means that charging at your opponent and timing your punch perfectly will do more damage.
  • Whether a ragdoll is triggered or not has been greatly reduced. Whilst they're fun to watch the did tend to break up fights too much. They are now triggered when the damage, based on new calculations, crosses a particular threshold.

Whilst none of these are massively exciting by themselves, the end result is that the base game is now nearly finished, which is significantly more exciting. Whilst there are lots of features I still want to add, there are very few parts now that feel clearly missing or unfinished and it's getting closer and closer to a viable "version 1".

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new build!

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Mar 09, 2018

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