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Ok, this really will be my last update before the deadline of the game jam, but not my last update by any means. Today I focused on getting some last minute polish added and making the AI as fun to play against as possible. So, a rough summary of my day's work:

  • Implemented a proper AI opponent
    • Varying levels of aggression - gradually grows in confidence, gains more confidence if the player is defensive or he make successful hits, loses confidence when hit
    • Different tactics based upon the player's current actions and distance
  • Added footstep dust particles (vital - I don't know I got this far without them!)
  • Added a big impact effect for when a ragdoll crashes to earth
  • Reworked damage and knock down logic further - believe this feels more balance now and fights are much more fluid with fewer stoppages
  • Reworked animation events to not only dictate which frames count as attack frames but to specifically dictate which frames are attack frames per limb
    • More accurate hit detection - no getting hit by trailing limbs
    • Fancy new effects to highlight the actively attacking limb, including a new custom fire shader
  • Applied a bunch of camera effects on successful attack to give them more weight

More features to go and more sporadic physics bugs to tackle (though they usually resolve themselves after the next transition to ragdoll and back) but I'm thoroughly happy with what I've managed to do in less than 2 weeks.

I hope you have fun with it and I'd welcome any feedback/suggestions.

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Mar 10, 2018

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