Dodging and rolling

Today, aside from a bit of valuable project management/discussion Matt and Jason from Bitgem, I primarily focused on implementing dodging and rolling. Holding the button that, whilst stationary, will be used for blocking and then moving will now result in either a backwards hop or a forwards roll. This lets you cover ground quickly to dodge an attack, close in to land one of your own, or quickly go over or under your opponent to catch them by surprise.

Another related gameplay tweak is that if you run and then crouch you will now skid for a while. This allows you to charge at your opponent and duck at the last second to avoid being punched and then land a low kick. If they see it coming, however, then they can quickly release a kick of their own leaving you with a face-full of foot.

Lastly, the time will now very briefly slow down on successful attacks. This both adds weight and a cinematic quality but also makes the situation clearer and gives a tiny reaction window to plan a response. But yeah, mostly it just looks cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

There have been a few other bits and bobs towards cleaning things up and re-organising and little bug fixes but that is pretty much it for today. :slight_smile:

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