Version 0.8.0

After some help with play-testing and feedback from Matt and Jason in this build I have:

  • Made a performance/optimisation pass
  • Catered for queuing an action during animations that can't be broken out of
  • Created more custom action/action animation transitions so that all actions are more responsive and blend it to each other better
  • Overhauled the AI to use the new dodging/rolling and to be more reactive to player actions
  • Added some extra debug features to help with development going forwards

We have also been playing with some dynamic secondary animation/physics for hair/belts/bandannas etc. Whilst the majority of that has come together really nicely and will be in a future video, "skirts" have proven to be a little problematic due to the speed and extremeness of movements involved causing them to clip/glitch/invert. I'll keep playing with it in the background but it isn't the immediate priority.

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